Thursday, May 05, 2005

what a month

Well as im sure you will have noticed i havent updated for ages. Well heres the long and short of it.
I've had to move out of my police accomodation as they refused to extend my contract and would rather have the house sitting empty with nobody paying rent for it, and have moved back to my parents while i wait for my mortgage to go through.
I spent three weeks on stage 6(residential training at the force training centre which basically entails sitting in class being bored out of your mind, passing the hours of 9-5 by discreetly taking the piss out of the trainers and trying to have as much of a laugh as you can get away with. Then in the evenings playing football or golf in the force playing field, going to the gym or getting pissed in the bar.
Inbetween that i've had some more serious issues which seeing as are ongoing in an investigation i will not disclose on here. All i will say is that it has left me utterly pissed off with parts of the job.
I'm back on shift on monday so i'll be reposting from then.

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