Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back to work

Well after 3 weeks off work again!!!!! I started back on monday.
I was in crown court for a case i mentioned in an earlier blog where 2 drug dealers were stopped and tried to run me over when i went to arrest them.
Well the long and short of it after a lot of deliberation one of the suspects plead guilty to 2 counts of drugs supplying and the other plead guilty to dangerous driving and to being concerned in the supply of drugs. Result!!!
On tuesday i got into work early to catch up with my big stack of paperwork and emails awaiting my return.
I had a file i had to complete which was due to be in court for thursday so a bit of a priority!!
After completing that i went out on uniformed patrol but didnt really turn too much up.
We tried hunting down a couple of wanted people but without any real joy. We did have two vehicles make off from us and give us the slip, but we didnt really have much of a chance as they were much more high powered than our vehicle and we had to turn around to start following them.
One of the vehicles was stopped by another unit a little later on and i believe an amount of drugs was found in the vehicle.
I was next in work on Thursday at court for someone driving without insurance. I'm currently waiting to give evidence for that so thats me up to date!!!