Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Ok i havent posted for a few days but there is a very good reason for this.
Firstly i have now moved back into police accomodation and no longer have constant internet access.
Secondly bar the crazy team night out during rest days nothing much fun has happened.
In a quick summary, firstly the first early i was on a cell watch for someone in for supply of class a drugs and murder. Nice!!
Second early i was an immediate car but only really had three jobs to goto. The first was an arrest request and house search for CID which was amusing, the person we were after wasnt there, his parents were on holiday and his little sister had all her friends round and were in semi naked states when we arrived!! Next we took a supposed racial incident which ended up not being a crime (honest we didnt just fob him off so we could go and have breakfast) Then finally a domestic where i got an arrest for ABH nothing too brutal just your everyday run of the mill husband hitting wife.(i know it sounds cold but we do see it everyday and are somewhat hardened to it all)
The third early i didnt go in for as i had to go and be interviewed by professional standards, which was immense fun.
Then the final early which was due to be a training day was cancelled so i stayed in bed!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Quick Swing

Ok i've left it a couple days and a big night out which conincidently ended up being two entire teams from our nick being in the same place (about 40 coppers!!).
For that reason my recollection of quick swing is a little hazy but here goes.
Got in early and was sent out to an immediate before briefing and about 20 mins before i was due to start. It was a damage only RTA so didnt take too long just gave a couple producers, ran checks on the cars and that was it.
We were told by our skipper to come back in to pick up some slow time jobs so we took the long way round and saw a car 4 up (4 occupants) that looked a little dodgy, so we pulled it over. Long and short of it, the driver got nicked for possesstion of an offensive weapon as he had a baseball bat and a knife.
Got back to the nick and found the prisoner handling team were too busy to deal, so he was dearrested and we did a contemp note interview(basically interviewing whilst writing it all down, instead of tape recording) then let him go on his way.
This took a little while and after we then took a couple slowtime jobs from our sgt, but we were diverted to an immediate shout of youths setting off fireworks towards electricity power lines. Searched the area couldnt find them so called up to say we were about to attend a slow time job when another immediate came in that nobody else could take. It was an IRTA (injury road traffic accident). Two cars had crashed both were writeoffs and one of the drivers was bleeding from her ear and going into shock. The ambulance took 20 minutes to get there but luckily there was an off duty paramedic who stopped to help out.
Well after gathering witness details and helping to clear the mess and direct traffic we went back for a quick meal break.
The next shout we had was to a dog handler who had nicked someone for burglary but it was getting a bit heated and he needed urgent assistance. We got there and took the guy to the ground and cuffed him before taking him back to custody. Firstly this guy was the worst smelling person i had ever come across and secondly, in his pocket i found a spray labelled STUD, which on closer inspection turned out to be an erection enhancement speay, needless to say we all had a good laugh at his expense.
Well following that we sat around in the briefing room for the next two hours as the overlap shift had taken the cars, so we had plenty of time to gossip and plan our night out, ......... errrm i mean do some paperwork!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The calm before the storm???

Got in extra early at about 2000 hours to do some paperwork then went to the station canteen to watch the first half of the England match before briefing with a few lads from shift.
Well went to briefing then did more paperwork til about 0100 hours.
Went out on patrol after this and stopped nearly everything that moved without any success.
Attempted an arrest in the morning which was a negative result. Finally i helped one of the sgts plan an operation which is being executed during quick swing.
After such a quiet night i half expect the area to explode with activity later, especially as its quick swing!!