Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back on

Lack off internet added with having had 8 weeks off since my last post are part of the reasons i havent updated this for a while.
That being said there's still been a lot going on while i have been at work and plenty of fun stories i should really have put up on here.
I cant remember most of them now but i'll a quick one on.
Plain clothes going to an address to arrest someone for a straightforward Fail To Appear warrant went a bit wrong.
On getting to the address with my crewmate we were met not only by the guy we came for but also 2 others both PPO's who were wanted for a robbery the previous night as well as a house full of undesirables.
Things escalated almost as soon as i had walked through the door and before i really knew what was goin on 3 people had jumped out the back window and me and my crewmate were left fighting 1 on 1 with the two wanted for robbery.
The two were both quite a handful and i watched my crewmate fall through a door into the lounge of the house on top of his guy whilst my fight spilled out into the front garden.
I really struggled to control him as i was trying to use my radio to call for backup but was having problems getting through.
At one point i remember having him pinned down on the floor and turning to watch the other guy running out of the house followed by my crewmate.
I kept trying to get in on the radio but each time i went to use it i was pushed over as i couldnt keep control of my guy.
Long story short we kept wrestling and fighting round to the back garden where i managed to get him into a (non home office approved) choke hold but realising i wouldnt be able to keep him like that for too long i thoght what the hell and used my captor spray for the first time.
It had more than the desired effect not only did it strongly take him out it also did the same to me as we were in such a close vacinity to each other.
I gave one last attempt at the radio before my eyes started burning and watering then my nose started streaming and i started to choke and felt my throat burning.
All i could do was literally grab hold of him by his body as tightly as i could to stop him from getting away and hope that the first person that turned up was my backup and not one of his friends.
I was told it was actually 4 and a half minutes but it seemed like a lifetime, from when i got through just as i sprayed him til when the first units arrived on scene.
I had never been so grateful for officers to turn up.
I literally collapsed on the floor whilst they got my guy under control and i just lay there with someone pouring water in my face for about half an hour before i felt anywhere near able to move!!!
Well after i had been rescued i started listening in to hear what was going on with my crewmate.
Apparantly he had also sprayed his guy in the hoe but he had still managed to run. He chased him through several houses and gardens before catching hold of some of his clothing over a fence, but unfortunetely he still managed to get out of the clothing and run.
The helicopter and dog units were out pretty soon but had no joy.
I didnt stay on scene to help with the search as i didnt really feel i would be much help if anything happened as i still felt a bit sick and drained so i started heading back to the nick.
About a mile from where the incident took place who should i see walking along without a care in the world.....? the guy we actually went to nick in the first place for the warrant, who had legged it out the back window!!!
Well easy enough arrest, i stopped him with my captor pointed at his face as i wasnt up for another fight and he came quietly.
I felt ill for about another hour after i got back to custody before embarking on the ever present ridiculously long paperwork!
I felt very satisfied at the result even though the other guy got away as the guy i got in had managed to ger away from me in a foot pursuit a couple days earlier for a different offence.
Finally, to put your minds at rest the one who got away was picked up the next day.