Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well i'm starting to settle down into a routine on my new team and starting to get somewhere now.
My arrest rate has started to get back up. I had one where an offender made of after nicking a pair of sunglasses. I had a plain car and was in plain clothes, saw the bloke and went for him. about 200 metres later he was knackered and sweating away and just gave up!
Another one again in the trusty plain car someone made of on a pushbike. I jumped out the car and legged it after him, catching him and pulling him of his bike at full speed. Nicked him then found i had knackered my thumb, which has now put me on light duties!!
Still the guy was wanted for a rape, GBH and deception. Worth it in the end!!
I'm finally contented in my job role, and am happy in work everyday........(real police will know what i mean)

Friday, April 14, 2006


Ok so how lazy am i?
I just cannot seem to find the time to constantly update this inbetween all my busy shifts, working hard trying to right my community and lock up all the baddies....
I'm really starting to settle down into my new department, we've been heading up an operation against Class A drug dealing.
I've had my eyes opened to serveillance, drugs teams and of course the great fun when a strike is called and we all rush in for the kill!!!(or arrest should i say)
I've seen more drugs than i've ever seen in my life, over 2 kilo's of crack and a kilo of heroin in one raid, 10 kilos of cannabis in another,and over $8000 cash seized in another.
What tops the lot for my department though is the absolute lack of paperwork, as we dont take on investiagtions.
Having just completed my driving course i've been tearing around putting my new blue light skills to the test, and after a couple close calls am starting to settle down into a safe style of driving.
i'm really justtrying to summerise what i've been doing and those have been the main exciting bits!!
Sayingthat i havent mentioned the plain clothes operations, pursuit of a moped and a short foot pursuit and scuffle with a drug dealer.
I love my job!!!