Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Ok i havent posted for a few days but there is a very good reason for this.
Firstly i have now moved back into police accomodation and no longer have constant internet access.
Secondly bar the crazy team night out during rest days nothing much fun has happened.
In a quick summary, firstly the first early i was on a cell watch for someone in for supply of class a drugs and murder. Nice!!
Second early i was an immediate car but only really had three jobs to goto. The first was an arrest request and house search for CID which was amusing, the person we were after wasnt there, his parents were on holiday and his little sister had all her friends round and were in semi naked states when we arrived!! Next we took a supposed racial incident which ended up not being a crime (honest we didnt just fob him off so we could go and have breakfast) Then finally a domestic where i got an arrest for ABH nothing too brutal just your everyday run of the mill husband hitting wife.(i know it sounds cold but we do see it everyday and are somewhat hardened to it all)
The third early i didnt go in for as i had to go and be interviewed by professional standards, which was immense fun.
Then the final early which was due to be a training day was cancelled so i stayed in bed!!


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dogearred said...

nice one - i know exactly how you feel, i was once there too. what is all that professional standards about anyway? there is something wrong on many levels with police who spend all day chasing police around, good job there's no crime about, terrible waste of money that would be.

Anonymous said...

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