Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Ok my first week into our new shift system.
I was getting ready for my night shift today, had a little rest then at about 1600 went to meet a mate in town for a quick pint and game of pool before he started work in his bar/restaurant at 1700.
Had a good old natter then i went down to have a look around his bar then went home to have a sleep before work.
The phone rings, its a mate from work asking why im no in. I thought he was winding me up but no, we dont start nights til tomorrow and were due in at 1600. SHIT!!!!!
Well had a hurried wash got dressed and went into work rather sheepishly expecting a good bollocking from my Sgt but thankfully he was in a good mood and laughed it off.
Well cruised around for about an hour trying to find something to do but there was nothing much going on.
An immediate came in, domestic, so we backed up another unit for that, had a nice blue light run and got there despite controls best efforts to send us to assist CID for a job they were doing. Got there and was the usual petty dispute. She was crying/cooking/looking after her 5 kids in her council house, he was drunk and they had an argument and he had scratched her. Well positive action and all in he came for ABH and later transpired for drink driving also after i had finally got a statement out of her. Took bloody ages what with the kids asking me SFQ's (stupid fucking questions) and her up and down like a fucking yoyo and being more than vague as to what had happened. Well finished the paperwork for that then handed our car onto the next shift and our shift split into two and went out in two of the transits. The other half went to execute a warrant, while we just went out harrassing the shits that were out and about. We stopped a couple of cars with people well known to us and turned out to the bus station to swarm (quite literally there were 9 of us and 5 of them) a group of somalians who were smoking weed. Luckily for them they managed to hide of finish whatever they had before we searched them.
Well we continued to drive aimlessly til 0100 when we went of duty.
At this point i took the 30 mile journey home and went straight into town to have a couple of pints then walking to a mates house to watch a couple dvds. I figured if i stay up all night then sleep all day i'll be fresh for my night shift!!!!

Well thats all for today lets see how the nights go!!

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