Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sgt again

Ok im getting worried now, crewed with SGTS three days in a row!!!!
well got to work about 2115 hours did my usual checks before briefing. Briefing was same old as usual.
Waited for my crewmate/duty sgt to finish up whatever he was doing so we could get out. That involved waiting til 0030 with nothing to do.
When we finally were ready we were going to go out in a plain car which he decides was too dirty to take out, so we spend a good half hour cleaning it.
Just as i think we're ready to go one of the drivers of shift has to go home early leaving one of the girls single crewed, so i changed with her and went out in plain clothes on a pushbike.
Started of calling for backup to administer a couple of breath tests as i saw a large group of people staggering back to their cars. Lickily for them the drivers both blew just under and the driver of the third car dissappeared so i couldnt test her. Funny that.
well next i gave someone a warning for rather loutish behavoir on his way home from the town centre before assisting in a search for an offender from a robbery, which we found!!
after this i just floated around for ages without seeing anyone at all.
Called for another unit to help stop check a car i saw pulling into an out of the way car park hoping to catch them smoking cannabis but no such luck, they appeared to be alright.
Next i saw 4 lads walking 3 nasty looking dogs at about 0300 hours. I thought it a little strange but was not going to go anywhere near them for fear of my leg being chewed off!! Again got another unit to assist but there were no offences and the lads claimed they were just *walking their dogs*
Well finally went to a job where someone claimed his housemate had tried to stab him in the neck. He did actually have a slight cut on his neck, so i got myself a decent arrest for ABH and after a section 32 search of the offenders room, found the weapon in question.
After completing the handover i joined in the conversation amongst the rest of the lads about embarresing stories from nights out, before driving home. Im too tired to do anything more but sleep now!!

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