Friday, May 13, 2005

The piss take

Ok i got into work at about 2115 and read a few emails looked at latest intelligence etc etc.
Briefing, i was crewed with a Sgt again!! Ok well not gonna too bad i suppose last night was ok. But no.
Out of briefing and i have to go and do not one but two cell watches(for those who dont know if someone could pose a threat to themselves or are ill/high/drunk then they have to be under constant supervision).
Well i had a cell to my right, the guy in there was alright, well behaved amd good manaered but soon went to sleep then the guy on m left was a complete shit who no matter how nice i was to him kept calling me a cunt, wanker prick etc etc.
Well i soon ignored him.
Sat outside there cells from 2200 listening to the radio as loads of good jobs came in - fight in progress, vehicles making off, foot pursuits.
I was so pissed off it was unbelievable.
Well eventually 0700 rolled around and i was happy i would finally get relieved and get to go home. But no.
My relief decided he needed to goto briefing make some phone calls and goto breakfast while i fucking sat there waiting.
Well 0800 hours he turned up. I really could have screamed my lungs out at him but i left quietly, fully aware that not only was i an hour late off, but i would now also have to fight rush hour traffic which increased my journey home by an hour.
Does it tell that im still pissed off and bitter???
I'd better have a good night tomorrow........grrrrrr

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