Sunday, May 22, 2005


ok got in and was crewed as the tasking car for the day. In briefing i heard there was going to be a cell watch on and grimaced and prepared for the worst, but it didnt happen, for once they chose someone else!!
Well first up i went to try and make a couple of arrests, neither of which were at home.
I then looked up some intelligence about a car on cloned plates that had been sighted so me and my crewmate got changed into plain "rudeboy" clothes, took a plain car and positioned ourselves a couple hundred yards down the street and waited for the driver to turn up. Well a bit of excitement at first everytime someone walked towards the car, but that soon died out. We must have looked suspicious to say the least sitting up in the car hidden in a private driveway surrounded by trees next to the entrance to a park just watching, needless to say control had about 15 calls from worried neighbours and passers by thinking we were up to no good.
Well the hours dragged by and the same tunes played over and over on kiss 100 and we were soon extremely bored and passed the time singing and winding each other up.
Well after sitting up on the car from 0730-1730 we called it a day and decided it would have to wait for another day.
Well a few days off, drinking to do, a champions league final to watch then back onto lates on thursday!!!

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