Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Same old.

After the excitement of the past few nights things were bound to quiten down a bit and tonight is when that happened.
I was crewed as one of the immediate cars for the night.
Well cracked on with paperwork for a while before heading out into the unknown!! We stopped quite a few cars and people milling about but didnt really find too much.
About 0100 hours we were sent to assist an ambulance crew in assessing some bloke who was supposedly loony.
Well we got there and three stunning paramedics got out of the ambulance, which is always nice!!!
Well this guy seemed normal enough and he voluntarily went to hospital to get the once over.
Well after that we sat up at various spots hoping to catch people speeding through the night but no such luck.
Our next commitment was to attend a burglary at Nationwide Building Society. They had smashed the lock of the door in and nicked a laptop, they were never going to get into the safes so that was ok!!
Well after taking a couple of statements we resumed and soon had a call from a colleague that he had a motorbike making off. We made to them as quickly as we could and saw there car parked in the middle of the road.
As we raced out of the car one of them had caught one of the riders but he said his crewmate was still chasing the other guy.
We got sounds of fighting and shouting over the radio but couldnt hear where from so were running blind really. We soon came across the motorbike on its side in the middle of the road and just continued sprinting straight up the road hoping to hear or see him.
As we neared the end of the road we began to hear shouting and sprinted towards it to find Mark wrestling with the guy. Mark was clearly relieved to see us arrive as he was breathless and we soon had him *under control!!!* after a little more struggle.
More units soon arrived and the prisoners were taken back to the nick. We sat with the bike which turned out to be stolen during a burglary, until recovery arrived.
Whilst waiting at about 0430 hours one of the well known faces came walking past and refused to stop when i asked him. I chased him a short distance and carried out the normal checks but unfortuntely he wasnt wanted. He was a right idiot and we nearly ended up fighting with him, but had to let him go in the end.
After that we were done for the night as we went back to the nick and had some food then floated around for a little while longer not turning anything up. At about 0530 hours a suspicious fire came in which ended up being arson with intent to endanger life, but we steered well clear of that and went home on time.

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