Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well following a big team night out where 14 of us turned up and got ridiculously drunk and somehow ended up watching Peter Andre at a local Chicago's and making absolute fools of ourselves, we were back at work.
I had to leave home at 0530 to get in for 0700!!! great!!
Well nothing really out of the ordinary, everyone looked glad to be back on shift at that hour in the morning!!
After briefing i spoke to one of the inspectors about going from shift onto the town centre unit, well fingers crossed anyway!
Next was breakfast, which doesnt just consist of eating but also gossip amongst shift!
Well after i had filled myself up i got on with paperwork for a while before going out to take a statement from a schoolgirl who had been punched in the face by a schoolboy. Well that took quite a while as she thought we wouldnt be able to tell between what actually happened and when she started lying to make things sound worse.
Well with that aside at about 1050 we went on immediate to reports of a drug deal going on. Our car decided it had had enough and started smoking and slowly started dying, but we still managed to get there as there was an officer single crewed already on scene. Well on arrival i searched one of the occupants and found a spliff and about an 1/8th of weed in a little bag. I was thinking about cautioning him but then i spotted a couple more bags on the grass beside where i had searched him. Well neither him or the driver of the car they were in would admit it was theirs so they both got nicked for possession with intent to supply a class c drug.
Decent nick i was well proud but things started going downhill from there.
As the car i came in was defected my colleague drove it slowly back to the nick on her own so we had to wait for another unit to collect the 2nd prisoner.
Well an hour later {1230} we were back in custody. Then the custody sgt broke the great news, both these lads need strip searching.
Well with the niceties of "drop your boxers and squat" aside i went to speak to my sgt about the job.
Actually no i thought, Mcdonalds will go down a lot better before speaking to him so took half an hour out for that.
Well our Sgt wanted house searches on both offenders addresses. Ok well after filling out the form for the authority and finding an inspector to sign it we grudgingly went of to start doing the searches.
Surprisingly they both came from fairly nice well off families who didnt make too much of a fuss about it all.
Well finally back to the nick at about 1700 and started our statements and the handover for the job.
Just about finished that and went to the officer we were handing it on to when we realised we hadnt got the CCTV. Well another trip out then and a quick stop check on a motorbike we saw pulling a wheelie in rush hour traffic. He turned out to be ok and we just gave him a producer.
Well finally got to the CCTV office and after being promised it would be ready were told we would have to wait half an hour for it. Well forget that we're going home.
1845 off duty!!!
Roll on tomorrow, when i can get out of bed for 0430 for the second time!!!


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