Saturday, May 28, 2005


Well friday evening shift 1600-0300 in scorching temperature always promised to be a busy shift and it was.
Straight out of briefing amd we had to shoot off on immediate to an RTA turned fight.
Apparantly some old dear had been trying to reverse out of her drive, in a rear service road between two rows of houses and had stepped on the accelerator instead of the breaks and had crashed into a concrete fence snapping her door off then caried on into the neighbours fence destroying it. her two sons apparantly went to the neighbours to apologise but the neighbour lost the plot and started waving a knife around threatening them.
Now this is where things became unclear as the neighbour claims the two sons (one ex copper just retired after 30 years in service) beat him up hitting him with the broken fence posts. However the two sons say he fell over.
The two sons had no injuries and didnt really look like they had been fighting but the injuries the neighbour had were consistant with both having a nasty fall and getting hit with the fence posts, so the two sons had to be arrested. It wasnt a plesent scene with lots of arguing but it didnt really kick off so wasnt too bad!!
Well after those niceties we did our statements and were supposed to go for an urgent arrest but were diverted to an immediate domestic, husband beating up wife.
We got there and there was no answer at the front door. I tried the door and it opened. I walked in and shouted is anyone home its police. There was no answer and i started to fear the worst. I went into the living room and saw the husband asleep on the sofa apparantly very drunk.
Just then the wife returned home and had a huge black eye.
We took a quick account from her before waking the husband and i arrested him for ABH. He thought it was candid camera and refused to play ball so i had to force him to his feet and handcuff him. Whilst doing this he grabbed hold of my arm and pinched and scratched me. Ok your further arrested for assault on police. He then continually swore at me outside the house so he was further arrested under section 5 public order act.
On the way back he tried smashing the car window so i had a nice little scrap with him on the back seat and held him in a headlock as we made back on immediate.
Well following his pleasantries we had to forcibly search him in custody then return to see the wife and take a statement.
On the way back to the station after that it was starting to kick off on the high street.
We diverted down there and assisted a WPC with a volatile female who had apparantly been involved in an assault and tried to make off in her car.
Well she got nicked for ABH and drink driving and her boyfriend decided to be an arse and try and obstruct us. I wasnt particularly bothered and pushed him down the street and told him if he came back he would get nicked.
Just as we were about to transport the prisoner back reports came from the other end of the high street that males were making off on pushbikes. I ran down the high street to see them but they were on bikes and went through the shopping centre so i called it up and other units made to the other side.
Well we went back to the nick to take the prisoner in and to finish of the paperwork in relation to our domestic incident.
Half way through the paperwork i took a walk downstairs to the car park where i heard shouting from the back of the nick. I went to see what was going on and saw 2 groups of two lads arguing. One group shouted THEYVE GOT KNIVES then the other two lads legged it. I hit the emergency button on my radio to cut in from the conversation going on and chased them for a few hundred metres before finding them hiding in an alleyway between two houses. I drew my CS and told them both to lay on the floor or get sprayed. They complied and i soon had colleagues with me and handcuffed both of them. I searched them both and the dog unit searched the area but we couldnt find anything so we grudgingly let them go. This was not before a traffic unit who had a sky camera crew had shoved a camera in my face whilst i was ridiculously out of breath trying to tell the dog unit where to look.
Well back to the station to finish paperwork before heading out into town on foot to help out before all the clubs kicked out.
Well i stop checked a few people around town before settling outside two clubs and dealing with the usual drunken idiots getting kicked out who thought they were going to go and beat up the doormen.
This theme carried on throughout the night until thankfully at 0330 i managed to get back to the nick and go home!!
Lets hope saturday night isnt as hot or as busy!!!!

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