Tuesday, May 10, 2005

back to normal, nearly

Ok came into work 2 hours before my shift today and started at 1400 as i was due in court tomorrow on the otherside of london.
I planned to head out on a pushbike when i got in but as it was raining pretty heavily i though better of it and got on with some paperwork til my shift came in.
One of my sgts was in early and wanted a chat with me about an incident im under investigation for and just gave me the general heads up that i had the backing of the team and if i needed any support etc etc.
Well was the first time seeing all the lads back on shift so had a bit of a laugh before briefing. Nothing special really in briefing, i was crewed to be foot/cycle patrol. I quite like getting out on the bikes so i was happy enough. I went out pretty much straight after briefing and before i got too far was called back to have a meeting with my Sgts and Inspector.
Well all that grief was soon out the way then i was given a job at the front office to deal with. Short and sweet, some blokes neice was getting threatened by her ex, already been crimed by another officer, he just wanted a chat.
Soon after i had to cycle across town to a *attempt burlary* where the evening before two men knocked on a OAP's door and asked if she had a spare room, she said no and slammed the door. Well i turned up she refused to let me in and could tell me no more than the above, fair enough!!!
With that job done i went for a little ride through the town centre, had to deal with one of our usual beggars, who protested his innocence and as i didnt really feel the need to arest him i gave him words of advice.
Well finally to round the day up i found one of the regular drunks, of his face on a park bench. The only reply to my questions i got was "HARRRRR". I called for another unit and carried him to the car where he slumped across the back seat. Got back to custody and he sat outside while we waited for other prisoners to be booked in. Whilst waiting i started writing my arrest statement only to notice him piss himself. Nice!!! I still hadnt searched him yet, so after being dragged through to his cell i had to put on the rubber gloves and search through his piss soaked clothes . Not really a day to remember.
Anyway at least court was cancelled for tomorrow. Back in on nights instead!!!!


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