Thursday, May 12, 2005

First *real* night!!

Ok got into work about 2130 hours and did the usual checks before briefing. In briefing i found out that my crewmate for the night was ill so i was crewed up with two of the Sgts. I was a little apprehensive but knew at least i wouldnt have any shit jobs and wouldnt pick up any paperwork.
Well started of the night with a call from a known drug dealer who feared for his life as "G'Man" was coming round to sort him out. Nobody had turned out to the job but then there was another call from a neighbour stating 3 people had broken into his house. Obviously everybody turned out to the job and i loaded up the transit with an enforcer, hoolibar headgear and shields before heading out with the Sgts. Someone on scene said the offenders had made off but it was apparant that 4 samurai swords had been taken from the address. Well to cut a long story short we didnt find the offenders as the dog unit lost the track but we are well aware of who G'Man is, so he can be brought in at a later date.
Next we took a float through a usually quiet area due to reports from a DC of 2 people cycling very slowly and scouting out houses. No trace!!
Well we carried on patroling and before long had a call to a domestic with an aggrieved and offender very well known to us and as i believe mentioned before, the offender has assaulted to of the WPC's on our shift.
We had a good turn out, about 10 officers but he had made off and the aggrieved then informed us that there were no actual offences and he had just locked her out of the house so she had gone to her friends. (coincidently the friend she had gone to stay with is another old friend of mine who i hadnt seen for about 5 years!!!)
We managed to speak to him on the phone and he came back very smug and arrogant when he realised he wasnt going to get nicked. I really wished he did enough for us to have a reason to nick him but it will have to be another day.
Not too long after this we had a call to a burglary in progress. Again we had about 10 officers turn out to this job and the offender was still on scene when we arrived and was just climbing out of the ground floor window. Well he was nicked and i was given the nice task of climbing through the window and checking nobody else was in the property. In i went, maglite not working and the bloody power in the house wouldnt work so i couldnt see a thing. I drew my baton an slowly inched my way around the house shouting, "police is anybody in" hoping to scare them more than i was scared myself. Well thankfully it was a small house which i was just abour sure was empty when this fucking black dog came from nowhere barking its head of at me. Well you would have never seen anyone run and fly through an open window almost headfirst as quickly as i did. I didnt see the funny side as everyone else stood there laughing. Well anyway the dog wasnt that big and was probably more scareed than i was, but i had to go back in and get the dog out and put him in the cage in the back of the transit. Well that was that i thought but no, i had to secure the property so i went back in through the window and locked it from inside and tried to do my houdini act. Well the front door was locked as was the back but luckily i did manage to find the keys and went out the back. There was a little alley between that house and the neighbours which i planned to get out through. Padlocked great. Well we got the neighbout up much to his annoyance to come and open the gate for me. He was so annoyed i thought he was going to kick off which wouldnt have been fun as i was trapped on my own with him. Well after giving him a section 5 public order warning, *IN HIS OWN HOUSE!!!!" we were soon on our way.
Well soon after we had an alarm going off just down the road from where there had been an attempted break the night before, found by our plain car. Again we had about 10 officers turn out and initially it seemed all in order. We couldnt find any sign of an attempted break and nobody was answering the bell we were constantly ringing. We were just about to leave when somebody peeped through an upstairs window and hid. Well that was enough for us, out came the enforcer in went the door. We all teared up the stairs screaming police. This poor woman in there went histerical and through herself against her bedroom door screaming. We soon calmed her down and told her it was police. Turns out there were about 10 lodgings in there and one occupant had forgotten his keys and had climbed onto the shop roof from behind the building set of the alarm then climbed through the kitchen window and gone to sleep. Oh well!!!
The final bit of action was at about 0600 hours when cctv said they had a call from a security guard on his way to work saying someone was strangling a woman outside a pub just outside our area. Well nothing else was going on so pretty much the whole shift turned out and couldnt find anything. I asked cctv to call the guard back to find out what was going on. It transpired the guard had said he had a call from someone saying they were "straddling an 18 year old woman in a pink bikini and pink underwear" ok thanks for the waste of time.
Well we all went back to the station and messed around winding each other up for the last hour(water fights, giving each other prank calls, playfighting etc etc. One officer poured water down the back of one of the girls trousers then went and hid behind the Sgt!!!)
How mature our shift is!!!! The public in our area should be greatly reassured!
Oh well its the long drive home then sleep!!!

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