Sunday, May 29, 2005

The attacks.

Ok Saturday afternoon into saturday night was again looking like it was going to be a very busy shift.
Well to make things all the better i was crewed as one of the immediate cars for the day.
Well the first 20 minutes wasnt too bad as we went to try and take a statement, which we couldnt take as the person wasnt in, we were then going to go to a slow time job when we were diverted to a police domestic violence alarm. We had about 3 cars make to it and had a 2 mile blue light run but when we arrived it turned out to be a false alarm.
Well we didnt even have the time to turn around before we were sent to another immediate, landlord tennant dispute that was gettin violent. We went in convoy to the address having a couple of very close shaves on the way in. Pulled up at the address and knocked on the door.....control sent us to the wrong address, so off we went again, luckily we were just around the corner and got there to find a landlord trying to kick his tennants out on the spot and had tried breaking his door down. We informed him that under tenancy law he needed to give them 30 days notice or apply to the court for an emergency eviction order and that he cant just turn up with his mates and kick them out or he'd be arrested for a breach of the peace.
Well with that resolved we still had no peace and were sent to a report of a Misper (missing person) who was a 13 year old kid with a mental age of about 5 years old.
When we arrived i wasnt too surprised the kid was missing as the front door was open with an 18 month old toddler playing by herself next to the door, whilst the father was upstairs sleeping and the mother was in the kitchen.
Well we started filling out the misper report and had been there for about 30 mins when the kid came back with several africans, who he regularly goes to church with. Apparantly they had come to take him to church and didnt think to tell his parents they were going.
Well with that aside we decided we were going to go and get some food. On our way to Mcdonalds when we were diverted to reports of a large fight outside a house with 15 asian youths with baseball bats, cricket bats and knives beating up the occupants of the house. We were only half a mile around the corner but the offenders had already gone by the time we got there. They had smashed up the front of a house, putting the windows in then when the occupants came out they were set upon and hit with the bats and slashed with the knives. They were extremely lucky to escape with very minor injuries.
We had a dog handler on route to try and track them but he crashed his van just as he was pulling onto the road as someone decided to ignore the blue lights and sirens and pull out in front of him despite it being his right of way.
Well while we were trying to get past the language barrier of the aggrieved partys (Polish) they suddenly pointed out a car and said "THATS HIM" i wrote the car index down and passed it on the radio and we quickly ran to our car and gave chase. With the help of 2 other units we managed to block the car in just onto the next road. The driver was arrested not only for the assault and criminal damage but also for being a disqual driver.
Well as we were taking him back to custody about 4 999 calls came in reporting a group of about 15 asian youths with baseball bats and knives had stormed a house not to far from the first attack and had dragged three people out and were beating them up.
All three were hospitalised one with a very nasty broken arm which was spurting out blood everywhere as well as cuts and stab wounds.
Two of the offenders were caught at least this time so adding that to our prisoner we had three in custody for the attack.
Well we had a lot of paperwork to prepare for our prisoner and whilst doing this another call came in from another location reporting the same thing, about 15 young asian lads had stormed a house and were armed and appeared to be smashing the place up.
Well police attended again but didnt catch anyone on scene. This time things had got a little worse though as they kidknapped one of the occupants. (as i went off duty CID were still investigating this one).
Well we soon finished our paperwork and were asked by our inspector to go out on bikes high vis in the areas that had been attacked.
We did this for a while before heading into the town centre to assist with pub/club kicking out times.
There were a couple minor scuffles but nothing to serious. There was one incident that made me chuckle.
After a 6 or 7 man scuffle one of the offenders who i had arrested pleaded his innocence and tried reasoning with me saying "I was the one being attacked, i dont want any more trouble. If you pay for me to get a taxi home i'll go , i dont want to be involved in this any more!!"
The thing was he was actually being serious.
Well onto nights tomorrow.....errm actually that'll be tonight!!!
thats gonna be fun with it being bank holiday weekend and all!! bring it on!!


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