Friday, May 20, 2005

More tired

Well for some reason i was more tired than usual when i came into work today. I was crewed with one of my good mates at least so that was good!!
Started off going to get our car fitted with a tracker, which there currently doing with all the police cars. After we had that done we went out to effect two different arrests but had no luck with either.
Well came back to the nick and was doing some paperwork whilst everyone else went to breakfast.
Soon after we went out again to back up another unit who were helping NHS and Social Services staff with a mental assessment.
The guy had warnings for being violent, carring weapons and escaping.
I didnt think he was too mad to be honest until he told the staff that god had told him to go and sit on the runway at Heathrow and watch the planes and gasses coming from them. He could also see planes that nobody else could.
Ok fair enough, up to the secure unit for you sonny, well the other unit were taking him up to the hospital (after a 3 hour wait for the staff to assess and section him) and we were following behind, when we were asked to redivert back to the nick on immediate and my crewmate who is MAST trained (basically trained to get riot gear on and use shields) was to get kitted up,
Well we knew it would be a good job if they were asking that. Back at the nick another 4 MAST officers were kitted up and we all went down to an address where after a domestic the husband had left the address stating his wife had some kind of samurai sword and was going to kill him.
When i saw the husband, i knew the job would be a crock of shit as he likes to fabricate stories to say the least.
Well anyway the shield bearing MAST officers went to go and bosch the door in when this girl comes out, about 5"2 tall wondering what all the fuss was about!! Ah well was fun while it lasted.
I did a house search and found the weapon in question, which happened to be a prettty nasty Kosh which unscrews into a long handled sword!!!
Well after seizing that i went back in again to do more paperwork.
Soon got called out to a job where an ex partner had broken into a property then had made off and was giving us the run around phoning from different phone boxes.
We spent ages combing the area but couldnt find him so we went to assist another unit with an arrest attempt.
I was tasked to climb into the back garden and make sure he didnt do a runner. I was not happy as the fence was about 8 foot tall but i managed to get over just as they found out that he didnt live in that address anymore!!
Well finally we went back into the nick and got a plain car then returned to the previous job with the ex partner to see if we could get him in, but still no joy.
Pretty boring day to be honest.
The drive home seemed to take forever and i think i started dropping off on numerous occasions!!
Oh well only 2 more earlies to go!!

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