Monday, May 16, 2005

Quick Swing

Quick swing is the shift when we finish nights at 0700 im the morning if we're lucky, then come back in later the same day. Needless to say it always gets really busy or kicks off on quick swing. True to form.......
1700 start of briefing.
1703 2 units deployed to an RTA turned fight.
1704 update from caller, 6 people fighting another unit deployed.
1704 another update approx 15 people fighting - another 4 units deploy.
When we got on scene it was more handbags at dawn than fighting, but there was a crowd of about 60 odd and remarkably nobody saw what happened!!!
One of the drivers got nicked for failing to provide and was a pissed as a fart!!!!
Well resumed from there and wait back to the station to get on with some paperwork.
Stayed in for about 45 minutes then started making to a slow time job when we were asked to divert to an immediate assault.
We may as well not have put on our blues and twos as everyone on the road ignored us!!!
Well we got there and there was a hysterical 15 year old girl and a very angry father. Long and short of it was girl stuck up for her sister, Girl got grabbed and had her head banged on the wall, Offender is girls, sisters boyfriend. Common Assault we'll report him later. Her father however had other ideas. He was adamant this guy was the worst offender on earth who deals drugs to kids, beats people up etc etc and if we didnt do anything that he would kill him himself!!
Well i took down a few details for an intelligence report. Turned out later that the father was right and the guy had previous enough to send a whole town to prison!!
Well we hurried out of the door as another immediate came in and there were no other units to attend.
Well this time we had a decent blue light run across town to reports of kids damaging a vehicle and trying to move it. Well we got across town and the kids quickly moved away from the car, like we hadnt seen them or would be fooled if they were stood across the road from the car. Well we spoke to them and it turns out that the car belongs to one of their parents who dumped the car for scrap. Good enough for me, NEXT!!!
Abandoned 999 call. Only round the corner so we went there and spoke to a 14 year old lad who gave us some cock and bull story about some guy who had beaten him up months ago had just chased him home so he dialed 999. Well turns out after a bit of questioning that a mate of his had damaged this guys property before so when he saw the guy the kid legged it home!!! Well not really interested NEXT!!!
Arrest request on behalf of Aberdeen Police. Goto such and such an address and arrest owner and driver of a red rover car there for a road rage attack.
Well after knocking on the door quite hyped up about the whole thing, the doors opened by this old fella in his 80's. Well i werent nicking him!!! This guy can barely walk to his front door so he most certainly didnt carry out a road rage attack and he told us his cars been of the road for a few weeks anyway. Fair enough NEXT!!!!
Abandoned car blocking callers drive. Well we got down there the car was untaxed unlocked and had stolen motor vehicle (SMV) damage (basically if door locks and or ignition has been tampered with). We just finished searching the car and were about to go and do a registered owner (RO) check on the vehicle when i heard shouting from across the road. I saw an IC3 male walking through a bush carrying a 1.5 metre wooden pole, he then jumped out at a passer by and shouted at him. The IC3 then climbed over a fence into B&Q's car park and started walking around it at quite a pace. We drove in after him and he walked round the outskirts of the car park to his original point. Just before he reached we pulled up behind him and blew the horn. He ignored us. I jumped out of the car and asked him to stop. He ignored me again. He then jumped down over a fence and started walking off quickly. Well i drew my baton and jumped over after him and caught up with him in the middle of the road. I asked him what he was doing. "GET OFF ME YOU BLACK DEVIL" he replied. "BABYLON NO CRUCIFY THIS DREAD, GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME, BEFORE FIRE FALL FROM THE SKY AND CONSUME YOU ALL"
Ok just slightly odd behaviour, Another unit on immediate please.
Well i grabbed hold of his arm and my colleague grabbed the stick as we tried to reason with him and get him to release the stick. He wouldnt and kept on ranting about not being a slave and calling me a traiter, black devil, demon etc etc.
Well after about a minute i was glad to hear sirens and see 3 police cars racing towards us. As soon as they arrived we gave him three chances to drop the stick. He refused so down he went head first into a bush. I grabbed hold of one arm and tried to support his head. He clung onto his stick for dear life and continued to warn us that fire was going to consume us if we dont let him go. Well we couldnt remove the pole from him so one of my colleagues tried a knee strike, he didnt comply, i applied a pressure point hold on his mandibular angle (pressure point on neck) no compliance, so i then started punching his arm to try and weaken his grip, still to no avail. Well with this i had enough so i grabbed hold of his thumb and pulled it so hard i thought i was going to break it, he still didnt loosen his grip so whilst holding his thumb i punched the rest of his hand into the ground until he let go. Soon after he was cuffed and searched, finding a big bag of heroin, a couple of joints, and a hammer amongst other things.
Well we waited for the transit to turn up and literally carried him into the cage then drove him back to custody. Once back at custody he carried on his torrade of insults and threats. I believe he shit himself in the cell cause of the unbareable smell but nobody really wanted to check to we just performed a cell exit (subject is laid flat in cell whilst arms and legs are held in various locks. Subject is then searched before everyone leaves cell one by one until last man is holding both subjects arms in locks before being pulled out by a colleague)
Well after finishing the paperwork relating to him which we decided would be best to be a Section 136 (sectioned under mental health act) it was time to go home!!!! thats all til thursday!!

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