Monday, April 11, 2005

The three earlies

Ok havent updated for a while so im chucking three shifts into one.
First early was largely boring. I started with paperwork for a couple hours. I was supposed to be on foot/bike patrol but it was raining and snowing so that wasnt going to happen.
After a little while i went out in the transit with three other officers to go and get some prisoners in for a harrassment job i'm dealing with. Nothing exciting no fights or anything like that, they were just miserable that we had got them up at 0800 in the morning. They did both live in really smelly houses, the first one i actually had to leave and go outside for a while it was that bad!!
Ok booked those prisoners in did a handover then i went out on bike patrol for a little while. I went to an immediate injury RTA and got there before the patrol car did even though i only had about 500m headstart and we were going about 2 miles. After getting there knackered but proud, i found out it was a hoax!! Great.
Well i pretty much just went back in and that was that.
The next early was much more interesting.
I was the main immediate response car with my soon to be new housemate. Firstly we went out and got in a rolling arrest from the previous shift, he was a right little shit 14 year old who had smashed up his mums garage called her a slag and told her the house was going to get it now because she reported him.
We wound him up a little bit while booking him in and he was remanded to stay in from sat mornin to appear at court on monday.
Next was breakfast at Mcdonalds!!!
After this we went to a domestic neighbour called up that she could hear banging about and screaming. Another unit came along with us. We nearly had an accident on the way as someone decided to pull out infront of us when it was our right of way. We got there and managed to get in and i was utterly shocked to see the aggrieved to be an old family friend of mine who i also dated for 2 years. Needless to say i was slightly hostile towards the offender. Anyway long and short of it he had shoved her over her bed and picked up the bed and dropped it on her before pulling down the wardrobe and dressing table over her. Well i let the other unit arrest him as i might have done something i shouldnt have!!! As he was being a bit uncompliant i did assist in dragging him out to the car.
Well with him booked in it was heading towards the end of our shift when we were asked to stay on as the next shift were very short due to a certain royal wedding.
I agreed to help out and stayed on. Went to a couple of other jobs, but nothing worth mentioning. We then decided to have another mcdonalds as it was getting late.
Half way through our meal, control get on the radio and ask for any unit to head to ASDA due to reports of three detained shoplifters getting violent. Nobody replies so they ask us to cut short our meal break and attend. I was not at all happy as i dropped my burger and most of my chips but oh well. We got to ASDA and saw a big crowd of staff running up the car park. GAME ON!!!
I jumped out the car and legged it after them through bushes and trees beside the car park while my colleague drove the car up. I got there and found a fairly large ic3 male and female struggling with the security. Out came mr baton and a loud shout of something along the lines of "get against that fucking wall now" surprisingly they decided to comply!!! One of the managers said another ic3 female had jumped the wall and made off. My crew mate drove round to go and find her whilst i kept the other lovely two detained. They were starting to get a bit aggitated but my luck was in and the dog handler turned up very shortly afterwards. Needless to say they became very compliant.
Anyway the long and the short of it is they had stolen a car and a couple credit cards and were out to try their luck. They had already succeeded in spending nearly £2000 on various computers and cds and dvds champagne etc etc.
Well eventually got them back to the nick and had just finished booking them in when the offender from the domestic earlier had returned to the house and was trying to kick the door in. Even though we had plenty to do i had to get back there so we rushed back and i found him stood in her doorway looking at me half smug and half annoyed. I walked up to him grabbed him by his collar and removed(flung) him from the doorway onto the floor and asked my crewmate to watch him. After speaking to the agg's for a little while i was happy to arrest him for using violence to secure entry. The offender claims he's putting in a complaint about me being over emotional and using to much force against him. Go ahead see how far it gets you.
Well anyway all that aside he got booked in and we were left with handovers to complete for 4 prisoners(thats three arrests each between us for the day). We had lots of statements to take and property to exhibit. The long and short of it was we went off duty at 2345 hours after a 0700 start!!!
The final early i got in at 1000 hours due to the previous nights long shift. I got on with some paperwork for quite a while before assisting(unsuccessfully) with an area search for a decamp. Back to more paperwork before going to deal with a complaint against a colleague of mine at the front counter. Well this went on for an hour and i was truely bored off my mind. Whilst dealing with this bloke i was fully aware that i had a mcdonalds waiting for me in the canteen and it was getting colder by the second!!!
Well after finishing that up i had a quick meal break then i had to deal with another job that came in on the front counter, where the aggd had paid someone to clear some rubbish from a worksite, but as soon as the money had been handed over they offender legged it. Big deal, if your that stupid to let things like that happen to you then you deserve it!!!
Well finally about to go home then we get sent to pick up a shoplifter. Fair play to the bloke he admitted it straight away and didnt play up at all which made our lives easier. Took him back quick statement and handover and only off half an hour late.
Now im off for three days before another set of earlies then onto stage 6!!!! WOOHOO 3 weeks of bumming around during the day and getting drunk in the evening and getting paid for it!!!

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