Monday, April 04, 2005

first night back

Ok, got into work about half an hour late due to my litten being ill. Got the usual smarmy comments from the lads...."just woken up have we"
well sat about for the first hour trying to get a car, even though i was immediate response. We were given a few jobs to goto nothin special and being a sunday night expected it to be fairly slow and quiet.
We took a wonder about and put a seven day order on a vehicle dumped on the side of the road and was insecure and untaxed(wow fun!!)
Further down the same road we came across an alarm sounding at a house. We couldnt gain access to the rear of the property and banging on the front door only seemed to rouse a large dog who scared the shit out of me!!! After speaking to a neighbour he said i could gain access to the back garden via his garden, so carefully round i went expecting the dog to jump out the window and maul me at any minute. The property turned out to be secure and i was just about to go back when i saw a figure appear at the window and shout "who the fuck are you, what are you doing in my garden" i replied its the police, and shone my torch on my uniform. "i dont believe you wheres your badge" oh come on, i told him to open the door. Turns out he was very drunk and had been sleeping through the alarm. He said his family had moved out and his brother had come and turned on the alarm while he was sleeping and broken the fuse box. This guy then asks us to try and fix it for him!!! After a couple mins we knew we werent getting anywhere so we were about to leave, then hes like "You need to get a ladder and climb up and silence the alarm box" yeh good one mate, how about you fuck off and sort it yourself. So we left.
We then took an immediate job where a woman was getting beaten up by her partners brother. We turn up to the usual shit, a nigerian family dispute, basically there were no offences but the woman wanted the guy out of the house and wanted us to do it!! As he was fairly drunk we thought we'd try, to make sure it didnt kick off again. He was having none of it and was refusing to leave, until the threat of arrest then he gathered his things and came to the car. We tried all his friends and local hostals but had no joy trying to find him anywhere to stay, so back to his house we went and gave him strong words of advice to go to sleep. Two minutes after we drop him off and his brother lets him in, she's called 999 and said he's back.... yes we know. Then half an hour later she calls again and says he's kicking off. We turn up and he's fast asleep and nothing had happened. With this i totally lost my rag and gave her *words of advice!!!*
No sooner than we got free we turned out to an immediate fight on the high street. We turn up to find no fight, just handbags at dawn. Soon calmed it all down then got a call to the other end of the high street for some serious crime.
Firstly reported as theft of crutches then criminal damage of crutches. There was no way i was bringing someone in for that so with the threat of arrest i got the offender to pay for the damage caused, everyones happy and away we go.
We decided to go to a shitty area in and try and get some stop checks done. We pulled over one shity Micra that was 4 up with what looked like shits. They turned out to be ok and just as we are talking to them we hear wheels screeching then an engine racing then wheels screeching again then a blue mercedes SLK came tearing round the corner sideways at about 50 mph and nearly knocked my crewmate over. We ran back to the car and spun it round to give chase but all we saw were brake lights in the distance, i mean a 1.7 astra diesel again a mercedes SLK with a headstart!!! no chance. I learnt one thing anyway, as i tried to cut in on the radio by pressing my emergency button, nothing happened. Comforting thought!!!
Well we searched around for a little while but couldnt turn anything up so we resumed.
About half an hour and a few doughnuts later we see a car speeding off in the distance. We whack on the blues and give chase through an estate and were catching up, the car was still to far ahead to get any details. The offending vehicle then jumped a red light and took a right into the trading estate and promptly disappeared. Seeing as we didnt even know what type of vehicle of colour or anything, the search was never gonna turn anything up.
Well the rest of the night was pretty boring, we tried to attempt an arrest of someone wanted but had no joy as they somehow knew we were coming.
Nothing really happened and 0600 rolled on and i was expecting to go back to the nick and wait to finish then "Any unit for an immediate burglary in progress!!" game on we were on the otherside of town so we had a good blue light run of about 5 miles and were getting near when we were asked to divert to a domestic boyfriend (very well known for fighting police and injured two of our shift previously) of girl downstairs has broken the window and is shouting and trying to get in. Oh yes, i thought i nice scrap to end the night in. Well we get there and he's very aggitated but on speaking to his girlfriend, someone else broke the window and ran off, he tried to stop them. What a load of bollocks. Oh well if she's covering up for him not much we can do. I would have loved to wipe that smug look of his face but never mind another time will come.
Onto the second night tomorrow.

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