Saturday, April 02, 2005

1st day back

Well what a day to return!!!
I went in two hours early so i could catch up on a few things!!
95 emails waiting for me plus a docket full of unwanted paperwork.
Started work at two, briefing was same as normal felt like i hadnt been away at all. I had to have a quick crash course on investigative management as everyone else had been trained whilst i was away. My Sgt did his best to show me whats what but didnt really have a clue and ended up asking another Sgt who also got stuck and........ im sure u get the picture.
I was one of three immediate units for the day. After about half an hour we had a call to an immediate........ sorry cant respond as we dont have a car yet, the 7 slow time enquiry units hae taken all the cars, dont worry about us!!
Anyway finally get a car and get sent to a job where a taxi driver has driven someone across town waited outside for him then driven him back home only to be told "fuck off your not getting any money from me" Easy nick i thought, but no. After waiting 5 minutes while we tried to travel 4 miles through heavy traffic the taxi driver decides he's not waiting anymore and hangs up the phone and dissapears. Oh well no paperwork at least!!
Next we went to some mad guy who had a domestic with his ex mrs a few days back and wanted to withdraw his complaint, we turned up and found him flustered, drunk and in a state of partial undress with his granddaughter (17). The guy was disgusting and looked worse than your normal layabout. We couldnt get any sense out of him, so we soon left.
We were then called to a shoe store where a member of staff had been violently assualted by another member of staff who had just been fired.
Turns out this violent assault consisted of the aggrieved a 15 year old lad who seemed a little slow and an easy target being approached by the offender a 16 year old girl, who pulled his coat and blamed him for being sacked. Not really the bruised violent scenes i was expecting. Meanwhile lots of more interesting things are happening on the radio and i'm wanting to get out of there ASAP, "sorry no crime has been commited, if you have any more problems be sure to call us"
Well after that excitement!! we were called on immediate to a domestic where the caller was being beaten up.
At last something fun!! We had about 3 miles on blues and twos in busy traffic which is always fun. We turned up to find a 17 year old Somalian boy who was adamant he had been beaten up. When i asked what injuries he had he pulled up his trousers and showed me a scratched(not even bleeding or torn skin) foot which he had done himself whilst slamming his front door after telling his step dad to get lost.
After filling in form Cuff1(basically getting rid of the job with as little work put into it as possible) we went back to the nick to finish up the paperwork.
Just as we finished up and were about to write it off "urgent assistance we need units here now"
So we all leg it down to the cars, officers flying left right and centre. We pull out of the nick not really knowing where we are heading as the radio is congested with sounds of officers in trouble. Well someone who had jumped in the back knew where we were goin so we started parting through the hectic midday traffic, 5 cars on blues in a row. A bit of awsome driving by my crewmate saw us scaring the living daylights out of the general public, driving down the wrong side of several roads pulling into one road sideways and nearly crashing into the panda already on scene. It was a good turnout by our shift, within a couple of minutes we had 9 pandas and 2 transits on scene, which got all the neighbours out to see what was going on.
Turns out there were three little shits (11, 9 and 14) that were gettin nicked for harassing an elderly neighbour. Anyway their family objected to them being arrested and their older brother, this 17 year old shit tried to stop officers gettin to them. When he was pushed aside he punched the first officer in the face, whilst wearing the usual "shit" attire of a big medallion ring. An obvious fight ensued and family and neighbours were coming out of everywhere screaming and shouting and trying to get involved.
After about an hour we finally got things under control several neighbours were taking photographs and more of the local shits old and young were gawping and gossiping. We started takin several prisoners back to the nick. I had the pleasure of escorting the 15 year old girl. What a mouthy little cow, she didnt stop effing and blinding all the way, in the end i shouted at her to shut up which made her jump but only wound her up more, oh well!! We had to wait nearly 3 hours to get booked in at custody, in this time we left our prisoner with another unit and went and nicked another guy for recall to prison!!!
Well once we finally booked em all in we had takeaway waiting for us in the briefing room which went down a treat!!
Then finally to top of a good day we got stitched with doing the paperwork for the victim of an attempt robbery as the dog unit who had brought him in had more pressing things to do like sitting in the briefing room talkin to the Sgt about his holiday!!!
Well, got off only 20 mins late and went to the local for a couple of drinks before gettin home and slouching infront of the telly. Back for more 2moro, hopefully wont be as much of an essay!!

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