Friday, January 19, 2007

The thick of the storm

Ok, i like many im sure got caught up in the storms on my way to work. I had to turn around several times due to fallen trees, and help dimwitted MOP's who couldnt seem to figure out what to do.
Well after spending an hour and a half to drive a 40 minute journey i got to work.
First up as a team we went to arrest the most prolific burglar on our area. He was at home and good as gold. I dont think he quite understood how much we had on him!!
After hours in custody waiting to book in , taking hair combings and dna samples and seizing clothes we finally got back out and about.
Went to the bus station where a lot of our usuals were hanging about. I was just talking to a few of them when i heard a commotion from the subway so i ran across to find a scuffle between a few little scroats and the security guards from the shopping centre.
Well it all got a bit heated as the scroats were friends with the other group in the bus station which meant not only did we have to try and keep the security guards and the first group apart but also try and keep back the 20 odd in the bus station.
Long story short, i baton charged the big group from the bus station, they soon got the message that i wasnt messing about and dispersed!!
Well not much more happened to be honest. The same group from the bus station kept causing problems all night having minor scuffles but that was about it.
Hope for more fun 2moro.

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