Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, monday and tuesday didnt really go to plan.
Monday got in at 1000 hours and went out on push bike patrol, there weren't too many people about but we did arrest a Priority Offender for burglary.
Just as it was getting to the end of the shift we took the van to go to another nick to pick up a bike.
Whilst on route i saw a vehicle go past three up which just wasnt right.
After pulling it over and a few checks were run we decided to search the car, and beginning in the glove box i straight away found the grams of cocaine.
Well long story short three people arrested. 4 section 18's one forced entry with a hooli bar, demoloshing half the house and paperwork took until 0000 hours. Pretty long day!
Tuesday started much the same except we had the van and the others were on bikes.
We stopped quite a few people and got some decent intel but nothing much really and just about to go home when we receive a call from the operations inspector, ordering us to stay on duty until further notice due to a fire incident.
Turns out there had been a fire and a gas canister with some highly explosive chemicals had heated up to a dangerous threat level so we had to help evacuate abou 20 houses then stand on a cordon. This went on until 2200 hours when we finally got off, 5 hours late!!!
Well lets see what 2moro brings.

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