Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year

Well, a new year has come and i'm still in the thick of it.
I've managed to get my area commander to fork out for headcams for my team which will be arriving shortly.
As well as being a cool toy will give us so much more evidence for every job we goto as it's no longer our word against theirs, and as nearly every incident my team attend is either something we've come across or crime in progress this will help no end.
I have too many intersting stories to post on here since i last posted so i'll go with the most recent.
Out on patrol plain clothes, decided to act on some intel and go to where a dealer is supposed to be selling from.
I get there see him sat in his car with a punter, so i block his car in then walk towards his car showin my badge.
He tried to play it cool until i notice a large bulge in his mouth. He then tries to swallow the bulge in his mouth.
Out comes the choke hold to ensure he cant swallow my evidence but whilst doin this he manages to spit them out and throw them. Well made things easier, had a little scrap with him, he lost!!!!
I recovered 2 large wraps i believed to be Heroin and Crack Cocaine, which turmed out to be nearly 10 grams of Class A and nicked him, seized his car for no insurance, seized near a grand of him in cash.
After hours of hard work into the job (nicked him 1930 hours after house searches and booking in property went home at 0300 hours, back in at 0800 to interview and do paperwork)
In interview he admitted possession with intent to supply charged and remanded. (stayed on doing paperwork til 2200) Result!!
May have been 21 1/2 hours work but its another big time dealer of the street.
I start work on my teams new operation tomorrow which is all about reducing street robberies in our area. I wrote the op (my first) i've got new equipment, the support of my area commander and resouces to assist as and when needed.
I'll update more regularly and keep you in the loop.

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