Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another one in

Ok, abit of a better day than the last. Started off finally getting to have the cameras trialed. I let the other guys on the team take it out as i was plain clothes with my partner!!
Not long after settling into some boring paperwork, had a call from CCTV about a drug dealer in the town.
Well we rushed out and watched him for a while but it looked like we had come a little to late as nobody else seemed to be scoring from him.
After a while of watching it became clear we were going to have no action so we stopped him.
Turned out he was wanted for 2 warrants, and for failing to comply with a drugs treatment order.
On searching him we couldnt find any gear either but when told he was gonna be strip searched when we got to the nick, he came up with 2 wraps of heroin from his underwear.
Not a huge stash but made all the effort worthwhile.
By the time we finished dealing with him it was hometime.
Had some great footage on the cameras from the other two, came out really well. Just have to convince the Super that its worth it!
No work tomorrow so back on thursday!

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