Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday night

Well the day started with much promise for action.
A call from our area commander asking the team to come in 2 hours early as they needed a strike team.
I was the first in and got a briefing from priority crime team and the area intelligence team.
They were after two burglars who we knew all to well.
There was information that they could be attending an address at some point during the day and basically they wanted us in plain clothes to sit up not too far from the address until they arrived, then take them out!
Well it sounded like it would be plain sailing and a lot of fun, but you always have to take caution with these things and as half expected, our team was sat up in a vehicle for three hours with no activity and the strike was called off!
Well back into the nick and we were off on mountain bikes. The other two in uniform me and my crewmate in plain clothes.
The first bit off fun in the night was when i spotted the two in uniform on the bikes. As they didnt know what plain clothes we were wearing we cycled off from them as quickly as we could in the park. They soon gave chase and were just calling up on the radio when we stopped, laughing at them!!
Following that they decided to get their own back by telling us that we had been asked to check the address we were watching earlier, which was about 3 miles away from our usual patrol and all uphill. When we got there we called them to tell them there was nothing at the address to which we heard laughter down the other end of the phone.
Well the rest of the night entailed a caution to some chap for smoking weed and a few stop checks but nothing exciting.
back to work on sat at 1800-0200.

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