Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well saturday night always has the potential to be busy and tonight was no exception.
Started off out on patol on our mountain bikes.
After stopping a couple people in the bus and train station we got 2 street cautions for cannabis from a couple guys smoking weed in their car.
Next we ventured through the parks and caught a Polish graffiti artist in the act. As it was saturday night and i didnt really want to waste my time in custody with a *nothing job* i gave him a warning and sent him on his way.
Well onto the leisure centre car park and another street caution for cannabis.
After here we made to a criminal damage in progress and long and short of it is some fella pissed up decided he fancied staying in a half way house. They had other ideas and he kicked off literally!! Kicked off the door from its hinges.
Well we soon caught up with him and my crewmate got a smack in the nose for his efforts!
After being called every type of cunt imaginable (fucking cunt, pig cunt, useless cunt, black cunt(sorry for the extremeties but this is real policing. It's not pink and fluffy in the real world, there are nasty people out there!!!!)) he was finally back in custody were predictably, the custody SGT quickly lost his temper with his foul mouth and we had to take him straight to his cell to be searched and perform a cell exit.
Well with all the above exctiment that took us from 1800 hours when we started through til just before midnight.
The rest of the shift was just paperwork!
Til monday, adios. I'm retiring to my room with a beer.

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