Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another dealer but not much else.

Well whats happened since i last updated nearly a month ago. Not too much. Only one real incident of note.
Two guys on my team spotted a drugs user who they believed was about to score so they watched him. Sure as fire soon a known dealer turns up deal take place. They took the user once the dealer was gone and we were just arriving as the dealers were reaching the end of the road. In plain clothes we blocked the road with our car and i got out pulled out my badge as i approached them. What happened next i wasnt expecting.
I looked into the drivers eyes as i walked towards him with my badge and straight away i realised that he was going to try and drive away from me.
I ran up to his door and tried to open it. Just as i got the door open he got the car in gear and began driving off.
As i was holding onto the door i was dragged about 5 metres along the road to the point where he rammed into the vehicle i had just got out off and my crewmate was in.
I was left about 4 inches from being squashed between the two cars.
Well i had no time to think about that as he was desperately trying to get the car into reverse. I quickly ran round the car and got in on the passenger side, diving across the passenger and grabbing the keys from the ignition.
I had to hold back from hitting the driver with full force for trying to run me over and instead grabbed the passenger, adrenaline still running i picked him off his seat out of the car and threw him on the ground.
He was under arrest as was the driver.
Between them they had nearly £500 on them and about 10 wraps of class A drugs. Nice!!!
That aside it's been quite normal everyday policing. Lots of arrests, lots of meetings but not too much action.
The only other thing of note was arresting another dealer, although he only had one wrap on him, but during the house search we recovered a pistol. Scary!!


Anonymous said...

Shame he missed you you dirty pig

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with luck hell get you next time you pig scum.

Anonymous said...

Be nice to read an anti-Police entry which was correctly spelt, stunning that they can even use a keyboard, mongs.

Anonymous said...

Be nice too have a internet free from pig scum.

Anonymous said...

Take a look and read at this. Chicago Police Officer responds to a disturbacne by himself and shoots and kills and unarmed citizen with absolutely no cause. The Chicago Police Department then attempts to conceal the murder. The video and the accompanying article explain it all in depth. What are your comments in the UK?

Anonymous said...

For the retarded Police haters puttin comments like the above on - did you steal a PC in order to get access to the internet you lowlife bucket of sh*te.

Remember scum - you'll need one of us boys in blue one day, no doubt after getting a smack in the kisser which you will no doubt have deserved.

Anonymous said...

they need to find a way to reduce your paper work!

The cynic said...

It's a shame about the narrow minded views of some people.
We're all entitled to our opinions but i think morally it's quite clear where right and wrong are.
Althoght you would never see it this way, your probable perfect world without any law enforcement or rules to go by wouldnt be as rosey as you think.
Without any structure rules and enforcement of those rules there would be no civilised life.
I could go on but may be a bit to deep for you to understand.
Enjoy your life!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Cynic

I think the world you describe has arrived. Its there everytime you travel on public transport off duty.
Reminds me must get my car fixed.

peeler said...

Hopefully some of you'll get the same as Yvonne Fletcher got soon. Smart arse comments littered with wishing violence towards "scum" as so many of you officers put it. Just remember you serve the public, the only times half of you use your handcuffs is during S&M with prostitutes. The problem with the police today is its far too easy to get in. Half of you wouldn't even be in the job in the days when there was respect for the police force.

Anonymous said...

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Palma said...

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